Alyssa Winchester

I express myself best through writing. INFJ & Virgo. Introverted & kind of awkward. Empowered. Altruistic. Advocate. I have Thoracic Endometriosis, which will require multiple surgeries a year, but through lots of research I found the best specialist in the world, Camran Nezhat in Palo Alto. He has relieved me of misery I’ve experienced since my teenage years. I came from a very physical, sexual, & mentally abusive childhood, so I am very much a mental health activist. I live a somewhat off the grid sustainable & minimalistic lifestyle. Proud vegan! Can’t be a non-vegan environmentalist & I could talk for hours about why lol. I write articles, poetry, play piano, read, practice yin yoga, & hike with my dog when my body let’s me. I study Integrative Healing Arts, Justice Studies, & Advocacy. I am heading to law school in three years to get my LL.M Master of Law in International & US Human Rights and aim to work with the refugee population.

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Thoracic and Abdominopelvic Endometriosis
Ready to Rant: ‘You’re Not Disabled Enough.’

My application to receive temporary benefits for disability was denied last month; it was denied…

Ready to Rant: I Was Diagnosed With Thoracic and Abdominopelvic Endometriosis

After spending countless years scouring the internet, pleading for answers, and reading dissertations and blog…