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‘Grab Them by the Midterms’

‘Grab Them by the Midterms’

It is simple: if you are over 18 in a woman you need to get out there and vote.

The #MeToo movement has ripped open a wound that women have been mending for a long time. This year we’ve heard some unsettling news about the female body, reproductive rights, and our overall well-being.

The only person who should have a say about what we do with our body is us.

Decisions about what you do with your body should remain your decisions, whether it’s an at-home or at-work issue. It’s important for women to surround themselves with #sisters and #endosisters. We need the men in this country to see us as the beautiful and fierce creatures that we are. You may not think your vote matters because you are just one person, but if we stand together, just one voice could make a difference.

According to The Washington Post, women and young people are an important factor in voting now and in the 2020 election. Approval ratings among women are down. Women have been expressing their opinions and their feelings about the current political climate by protesting in the streets.

These are the midterm elections. This means that some of the seats in the Senate and the House of Representatives could change, but it’s up to us to make sure of it. This election will ultimately determine who runs the House.

In 1920, women won for the right to vote. Today, #women need to show up and make sure they’re heard loud and clear. It is time to exercise the 19th Amendment and your right to express your voice. Let’s show everybody what women are made of!

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