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Supper Series: Defining Wellness

Supper Series: Defining Wellness

MoxxieMade - 1/29 Supper Series

MoxxieMade (a highly-recommended series of events that “encourage women to go after their definition of fulfillment by providing mentorship and fostering real connections”) is at it again, but this time they’re covering health and wellness.

Event Details

On January 29th, in partnership and co-hosted with Athleta, our next MoxxieMade Supper Series kicks off with an amazing panel of wellness experts on the topic of Defining Wellness. Join us for a rooted, raw and real discussion on the true meaning of wellness and how can we cultivate more of that feeling in our lives.

Come enjoy a delicious meal, dynamic dialogue, and an opportunity to build meaningful relationships in an intimate setting with both like-minded peers and our courageous speakers.

Time & Place 

Tuesday, January 29th, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.

64 Dobbin St. Brooklyn, NY 11222


Melisse Gelula of Well + Good
Lily Kunin of Clean Market and Clean Food Dirty City
Ellie Burrows of MNDFL
Sophia Roe – Wellness Architect
Adrienne Hardy of Athleta

MoxxieMade Supper Series: Defining WellnessAbout MoxxieMade: MoxxieMade exists to build community, provide mentorship, and invigorate courageousness for women of New York City.
We all want to live rich and full lives, but you don’t get a clear roadmap on how to fulfill that desire. Taking that step into the unknown and towards your ambition can feel uncomfortable and even scary. However, when you courageously walk through the fear, you’ll experience a wider sense of self and fulfillment.

A supportive community and real actionable mentorship can help provide encouragement to move towards your potential. However, in New York City, making real connections and gaining actionable advice can be hard to come by. In fact, 66% of NY women moved to the city without a close community, and 21% of women admit that they still don’t have a close network today. Additionally, 88% of New York millennial women don’t have a mentor but would like one.

We want to change this. Our events are intentionally designed to go beyond networking, to drive actual connections. We know that a fulfilling life is much bigger than just career success, that’s why our content blends professional, personal, and spiritual advice to provide actionable wisdom to live a more meaningful life.

Through our community, you will build real meaningful relationships and gain mentorship and that will stir up courageousness to go after whatever your definition of fulfillment is.

The above excerpt was taken directly from the MoxxieMade website. For more information, visit

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