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5 Items That’ll Save You so Much Money on Your Endo Journey

5 Items That’ll Save You so Much Money on Your Endo Journey


I was standing at the counter at my local Shoppers Drug Mart (of Drake infamy) when I was rudely informed that, once again, I wouldn’t be able to fill my prescription. My health insurance, which was provided by my university had ended, and I couldn’t afford it.

The saddest part? I’m not the only one this has happened to. According to a study published in Annals of Internal Medicine, more than one in three new prescriptions goes unfilled.

Real Talk: It’s expensive being sick.

Fortunately, I’m lucky enough to live in a country (Canada) that has nationalized health insurance, but the coverage is basic and rudimentary. I’m still forced to fight and pay for treatment. It’s almost as though the lower socioeconomic class is expected to pay the most.

Recent studies in the United States have confirmed that spending among the chronically ill is determined by poverty status, with the lowest incomes paying double that of Medicaid recipients. But what about Canada, a country with nationalized health insurance? According to a study published by Statistics Canada, 40 percent of lower-income Canadian households spend more than five percent of their after-tax income on health-care services, with their largest out-of-pocket expense going to dental services, prescriptions, and insurance premiums. In 2009, spending in those categories averaged $380 (dental), $320 (medications) and $650 (insurance premiums). Even so, there are still a few sneaky ways to get around those out-of-pocket costs.

Samples are a great way to get relief for free.

If you’re an EndoBabe who is lucky enough to find a little pain relief with birth control, try asking your doctor for samples. Doctors understand how expensive medication is and are often happy to help you out. If you can’t haggle a few samples, sometimes you can find coupons and discounts online that’ll cut your price in half! (They can also be faxed.) Don’t forget, you can ask the pharmacy for the generic version of a variety of prescription drugs, as well. The generic variety is often a fraction of the cost of the brand name.

Amazon Prime offers some pretty good deals, too.

Amazon Prime is especially lucrative for students, who can get a six-month free trial membership of Amazon Prime followed by 50 percent off Prime after their trial period is over. Not only does utilizing Amazon Prime cut out the inflated costs of basic care items at the pharmacy, but it’ll keep you from making the trek out to the store during a flare. Here are five items you can find on Prime that’ll help you save a little money on your Endo journey.

1. Thermophore: The Rolls Royce of heating pads.

I know what you’re thinking: Why is the first thing I recommend for saving money a heating pad roughly triple the cost of a basic heating pad from the drug store? Listen, I am loyal to very few things in this life, but Thermophore is one of them. A long time ago before Endo was a part of my vernacular, I had jaw surgery in Florida and I was prescribed this heating pad during my nine-month recovery period.
This heating pad has outlived every single one of my relationships. This heating pad outlived the last Bush presidency. This heating pad will probably outlive me. Unlike the drugstore pads at a third of the price and quality, Thermophore pads generate moist heat and get hot enough to basically melt flesh in less than 10 minutes. These are the Rolls Royce of heating pads.

2. What’s the next best thing to a Thermophore? A Magic Bag.

Naturally, not all of us can afford to spend $50+ on a heating pad. Canadian that I am, I’ve been using magic bags (sac magique in Quebec) since I was a wee lass. They’re a great alternative, still provide moist heat, and will also go the distance in longevity.

3. Reusable pads are revolutionizing the menstrual game.

Another Canadian original, Lunapads are a female-owned business based in my home city of Vancouver. They’re on a mission to transform menstrual health and their products have certainly transformed my periods. I switched after I began experiencing allergic reactions to the chemicals and synthetic material in regular disposable pads. While initially more expensive than disposables, reusable pads like Lunapads will save you an average of $700 over five years, and that’s if you go all out and buy the deluxe kit! Check out their website to view all the kits they offer. (GladRags are a great American-made equivalent.)

4. Tampons are out, menstrual cups are in.

For those of us who prefer tampons, the DivaCup is the perfect alternative. I’m unfortunately not an EndoBabe who can use tampons, but I’ve seen and heard how indispensable the DivaCup is. Plus, there are so many international DivaCup equivalents.

5. I burn through Epsom salt faster than rent money.

On bad flare days, I practically live in the bathtub. (I’ve literally laid down in a ball in the shower.) I burn through Epsom salt faster than rent money.
GET IT HERE: Epsoak Epsom Salt
Do you have any money-saving tips? Let us know in the comment section below!
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