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This Jumpsuit Is Going to Be Your New Go-To

This Jumpsuit Is Going to Be Your New Go-To


As the September issue of Vogue hits the shelves, Type A “fashionistas” will be releasing their fall and winter clothes from storage, while I become increasingly annoyed at the oh-so-blasé headlines that have been regurgitated from years past.

After one such condescending and, frankly, misogynistic feature article popped up on my Facebook feed, I thought: Okay, I’m not going to advocate for wearing a tube top in negative temperatures, but what about dressing for an event, your confidence level, or for your comfort? The magazine could have mentioned literally anything but the editors chose to go with dressing for your age?

What about a review on what women like to wear while on their period? Or what brands and styles can take someone from sluggish and bloated-feeling to functional, and dare I say, poised?

As a result of that, the editors of DO YOU ENDO have decided to start a style series. We want to be your go-to outlet for clothing, accessories, and whatever else we can think of that’ll take you from crashing to confident

This week I focused on a comfy but put together late summer staple of mine: the jumpsuit.

I’m 5’9″, so classic jumpsuits sometimes don’t fit me the way I’d like. And when I’m on my period, feeling gross and in pain, the last thing I want to wear is something that makes me feel even more self-conscious.


But with the shorter style on this one and the slimming color, this has been my go-to when I need to leave the house for errands or fun – period or not. I still have a waist, but it’s not tight. I stay cool and can layer it with a tank top for when the breeze comes through at night.

The tank also helps with that problem of having to basically get naked anytime I need to use the restroom while wearing a jumpsuit or romper (which is the worst, am I right?)

I’m a “less is more” kind of girl, so I keep things simple with short sandals that have a little bit of heel and a whole lot of great color, and a floral purse to really brighten things up a bit.

These heels from Target are so comfortable, and the ankle strap keeps my foot stable and in alignment as I hoof it to the next bar or food truck. The floral purse was small enough to wear into a concert at Met Life stadium yet I had room for my ID, credit card, phone, tampons, and a pad.

Lastly, you can never go wrong with a watch to pull the whole outfit together. I love this one from Amazon, it’s durable and comfortable, and goes with most anything… Happy shopping!

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