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Feeling Stuck Is a Part of Healing

Feeling Stuck Is a Part of Healing


The other night I received a text from a very close friend of mine. “I’m just so stuck.”

As someone who struggles with mental and physical health issues, that’s a feeling I know well. Feeling stuck is one of the worst feelings to have–especially when you’re working on yourself. No one enjoys feeling like they’ve moved backward or like their feet are glued down and they can’t move forward.

But feeling stuck is a part of healing

We all feel stuck sometimes.

You’re not alone in feeling stuck! It’s an experience every single person in this life can relate to, and I find it extremely comforting that I’m not alone in that.

Unfortunately, though, it’s a feeling that’ll never fully go away. My mom says when I was little and in need of parental assistance, I would just sit there and yell “Stuck! I’m stuck!” And I have to admit, sometimes life still feels like I’m sitting there yelling “Stuck!” with no idea on how to unstick myself.

So…how do we unstick ourselves?

Step one: Recognize that feeling stuck is totally normal and valid.

Step two: Understand that healing is a spiral. We continuously come back to things we thought we’d completely moved on from, only to see them with fresh eyes and a new perspective, which enables us to grow even more.

When you hit a stage of healing that feels familiar, embrace it. Just think of it as a step up on the spiral. You now have the ability to be vulnerable to new feelings and ideas and can use your newfound resources–thus taking better care of yourself.

Step three: Keep going. Keep moving up the spiral, seeking out new information and ideas, and allow yourself to have an open heart and an open mind. Keep living every day.

Remember, healing isn’t linear. 

There’s no time limit on healing. You’re allowed to take as much time as you need because healing is not linear–healing isn’t the same for everyone. Whether you’re healing from physical or mental trauma, your only obligations are to yourself.

Take the time you need, allow yourself to get stuck, and figure out what works best to unstick yourself. That can mean therapy, eating healthier, finding a new hobby, getting more involved in your community, seeing a doctor, talking to family and friends, setting aside time for yourself, among so many other things! 

It’s easier said than done, but you got this. 

Trust me, I know those steps are more difficult than they sound when implementing them into your life. But I promise you can do it.

Validate yourself and keep going. Keep living your life. Of course, there will still be difficult days, but those are a part of growth. Accept them and learn from them. You’ve survived difficult things before, and you’re going to survive what you’re going through now. “Stuck” isn’t the best feeling, but it’s a natural one. Keep going up the spiral and allow yourself to grow.

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