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If You’ve Been Treated by a Fertility Specialist We Want to Hear From You

If You’ve Been Treated by a Fertility Specialist We Want to Hear From You


If you’ve been treated by a fertility specialist, your perspective matters and we need your help!

We here at DO YOU ENDO are teaming up with FertilityIQ to encourage current and former fertility patients to review their fertility doctor. FertilityIQ will make a donation to us for every single review we help provide. If you aren’t familiar with FertilityIQ yet, check them out! They were started a few years ago by a husband and wife team to ensure other patients get reliable & helpful information on doctors, clinics, costs and more. Now the site is run by fertility patients and everything on the site is free to patients, ad-free and maximized to help others going through infertility.

You can leave an anonymous review of your fertility doctor(s) by starting here. Make sure to provide lots of detail because thousands of patients will rely on what you have to say. When you evaluate your doctor, you’ll educate patients on what to expect, so they won’t waste time, money, and emotion on the wrong doctor for them

A few notes: 

1. In the review, at the end, when asked where you came from, type “DO YOU ENDO”

2. If you’ve been treated at multiple clinics, you can write multiple reviews (we get credit for each!)

3. Please spread this far and wide. We receive a donation for every single review that cites us (regardless of whether the reviewer “knows” us or not!)

Each person who leaves an assessment this week will be eligible to win a $100 gift card to Amazon as a thank you! So don’t delay, go share now!

The donation window will expire on April 6, 2019, so please take a few minutes to leave your assessment by then!

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