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Women With Endometriosis Are Sexy AF, According to This Ridiculous Study

Women With Endometriosis Are Sexy AF, According to This Ridiculous Study


Have you heard the good news? Researchers at the University of Milan School of Medicine discovered that the reason we suffer from Endometriosis is that we’re drop dead gorgeous! No wonder a cure hasn’t been found yet–why do we need one when having Endo makes us sexy AF?!

But seriously, though…

Endometriosis is massively underfunded and under-researched (I mean, Endometriosis affects an estimated 1 in 10 women), so whoever thought that this study was a constructive, considerate, or effective use of money is beyond me. The money, time, and research (if you can even call it that) used during this “study” could have been used to help people living with severe incurable pain.

In September 2012, The Journal of Fertility and Sterility published a study conducted by Vercellini et al., that rated the attractiveness of women with and without Endometriosis.

Sadly, the research resurfaced and is making the rounds on social media. And people are (understandably) outraged, whilst also lording it over the mere mortals who have the misfortune of not having Endo and therefore are not as attractive.

I mean, who am I to argue with science?

The objective of this ridiculous study was clearly outlined: ‘To evaluate physical attractiveness in women with and without Endometriosis.

According to The Journal of Fertility and Sterility, independent observers evaluated 300 women and rated their overall attractiveness. But don’t worry, this wasn’t a subjective rating, this is science, after all.

Observers were provided with nothing but the measurements of each woman; this included their height and weight, hip circumference, waist circumference, bust circumference, and underbust circumference. They were then asked to rate each woman’s attractiveness on a five-point scale, with five being the most attractive and one being the least attractive.

To make things worse, the participants were grouped into three categories. 

Researchers looked at 100 women with rectovaginal Endometriosis (the most severe form of Endo), 100 women with less severe Endometriosis, and 100 women without Endometriosis who were undergoing gynecologic surgery for other reasons.

The results? 31 percent of women in the first category (remember, this is the severe Endo category) were judged as being attractive or very attractive, whereas only 8 percent of the participants in the second category and 9 percent of the participants in the third category were judged as being attractive or very attractive.

They also found that many of their participants first had sex before the age of 18, with the results being 53 percent, 39 percent, and 30 percent respectively. (Honestly, WTF does that matter?)

Could someone please direct me to the research that shows how much more attractive men with Erectile Dysfunction or severe pain are? Because I refuse to believe that women are the only creatures on this Earth whose attractiveness is a side effect of a chronic illness.

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