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Dear, Endometriosis: Why Do You Make Me Such a Moody Bitch?

Dear, Endometriosis: Why Do You Make Me Such a Moody Bitch?


Dear, Endometriosis.

Can I just call you “Endo” now that we’ve known each other a while? I want to know why you make me such a moody bitch. Is it a side effect of the treatment methods I’ve been using? Is it the mental health issues that have developed over time? I’m not fully sure, but what I do know is that you have more control over my moods than premenstrual stress, and when the both you and PMS join forces, I become a she-devil who rips the head off of anything or anyone who dares to come near me. I don’t like it! I’m generally a laid back person. I let things slide and my temper has never been an issue for me.

Oh boy, how that has changed.

Now, I’m a moody bitch. The silliest of things ill wind me. (Example: Someone forgot to put the toilet seat down.) I’ve kept diaries to try and pinpoint when my moods are worse. Is it when I’m in the most pain? Sometimes. Is it when my anxiety and depression are at their worst? Sometimes. Is it when I’m on treatment? Sometimes. There has been no pattern and no divertive answer.

I was interested to see what others Endo warriors thought caused their mood swings (if they had any) so on Instagram (endowarrior2012) I ran a poll to see if more women thought it was mental health or treatment that contributed to their mood swings.

Most women voted it was the mental health issue that caused their mood swings. Many women also agreed that these mental health issues didn’t develop until after they’d been diagnosed with you, Endo.



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